Get ready to spiral your hearts open, connect to your Divine child and feel like you are at recess playing on the monkey bars with Brittany. She twisted and spins her dance and aerial trapeze background into her classes in order to help her clients with flexibility, strength and most importantly fun. Brittany came across AYP when she had debilitating lower back pain (from the stress of her emotional pain) while she was on vacation in Maui. The owner of the retreat she was staying at taught AYP and helped relieve the pain with one inversion. After that Brittany was hooked! (pun intended)

Brittany has been practicing a wide variety of yoga since 2003 and as of 2018 became a certified Aerial Yoga Play and AYRx leading her clients through air play and healing. She has been dancing since she was a child and more recently focuses on West Coast Swing, Zouk and Fusion dancing with her husband as her partner. She also practices flying trapeze weekly in Oakland. Brittany is also a Certified Crystal Healer and Light Worker with Wholly Heart & Home.