Kate first began practicing at Urban Flow Yoga with Rusty Wells & Stephanie Snyder back in 2009. It was then she fell in love with yoga, learning that it has more benefits than just physical. From this discovery, a spark lit inside of her and she knew this would be a life long commitment to something so Divinely profound.

In 2011, Kate went to Phoenix on a spiritual journey to learn more about the ancient tradition of yoga at the Spirit of Yoga. She spent over a year studying yoga & nutrition and received a diploma in Yoga Therapy. Kate continues her spiritual quest to raise humanity's vibration, to heal people’s lives, and to share the sacred wisdom of the body with others through her teachings of yoga, nutrition, & wellness.

After moving back to San Francisco in 2013, Kate has continued her studies with Stephanie Snyder, Noah Maze, and Judith Lasater, while teaching all over the Bay area. Staying true to the tradition of yoga with philosophy & breath work, Kate teaches a vigorous Vinyasa flow class that focuses on the importance of flexibility, alignment, strength, and balance.

Kate has over a 1000 hrs in yoga teacher training and is a holistic nutrition coach.