Sky was introduced to yoga when she moved to the Bay Area from Germany (where she was born and raised) in 1998. She has been on a healer’s path for over 15 years and her background includes Bodywork, Pilates, Nia, Mindfulness/Meditation, Life Coaching and Intuitive Energy Healing. In her classes she loves to bring all of herself into her teaching connecting with students on a deeper level. She is continually inspired by yoga’s transformative power—both internally and externally—finding it to be a source of love and strength. Sky believes the mind, body, soul connection is a sacred one, and one that should be nurtured. Her intention is to hold space for all students to experience whatever transformation their body, mind and entire being they are ready and open for. She strives to bring a sense of fun, freedom and compassion to her vinyasa-based classes and hopes to provide students with a space of comfort in which students feel safe to explore and expand within their own body and consciousness.