July’s classes focus on moving the body with the breath in a way that nourishes and supports each individual. July pays attention to proper alignment and helps you feel into each pose so as to create the muscle memory of the repetitive shapes of seemingly different postures. Her class is at times challenging yet always fulfilling, and she would love your company on the mat!

Growing up with dance, gymnastics and a variety of sports, July has always been drawn to movement. She began yoga nearly 20 years ago while in graduate school. Yoga provided clarity and connection in breath, body and mind and has continued to do so ever since. Over the years, July's personal practice has evolved from a fiery flow with dripping sweat, to nurturing prenatal, to rejuvenating postnatal, and lately into a breath based moving meditation of connectedness. July received her 200-hour teaching credential in 2014 from Yoga Tree and continues to study with renowned teachers locally and nationwide.

July can be reached at www.julyjohnsonyoga.com