Metta Yoga Studio Corte Madera Marin County San Francisco Bay Area

Explore your edge.

The journey of self begins in the space between meeting your edge and finding your ease. Embrace this dance, challenge yourself, grow.

Transform your body.

Strengthen, stretch, realign and sweat with a dynamic and creative flow.  Feel into your body, move with breath, release your mind.  Experience the freedom of the flow.

Fuel your soul.

We all have a purpose – step into yours.  Cultivate intention, energize your deepest passions, awaken your most vibrant self and replenish your spirit. LOVE YOURSELF. It’s contagious.

What People are Sayingg

Open for just over 6 months, we’ve already received incredible feedback. What stands out is our warm, inviting atmosphere, community feel and dedication to seeing every student thrive. Here’s what people are saying:

Metta is like a daily dose of zen. The community, the teachers, the experience from start to finish - gives me the balance and peace of mind that powers my day.  – Kate B. 

I've never walked into a studio and immediately felt such a welcoming energy as I did when I found Metta Yoga. Each teacher cares deeply about the practice and their students, and are excellent at adjustments and instruction.  Amy and Rachael, the owners of Metta Yoga, are down to earth, friendly, warm … this is an amazing space they created, truly a special spot. I encourage anyone (beginner to advanced) to check it out and stick with it to experience the transformational effects it may have on your life.   – Kelsey F.

I am so thankful this place opened up in Marin. It's the perfect type of yoga for me -- physically challenging with unique sequences, and spiritually invigorating. – Alexandra G.

I was excited about Metta Yoga studio opening in our neighborhood! It's a beautiful space with lots of natural light and positive energy. The classes are perfect for running and cycling recovery! Metta will be a staple in my group fitness schedule starting now! Thank you for opening these doors for our community to practice together. – Kelly H.

Amazing teachers in a beautiful space.  - Jessica K.

The caliber of teachers here is excellent! The space is beautiful and the people are so welcoming! I've loved my experience here and will definitely continue to be a part of this yoga community!  - Megan L.