YOUTH SUMMER CAMPS with victoria!

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In this transformative series geared for ages ~8-14, we will meet once a month for 2 ½ hours to learn about the amazing benefits of yoga for body and mind, and discuss key issues young people care about right now:

  • June 30: Authenticity and Self-Confidence
  • July 21: Body Image, Nutrition and Exercise
  • August 11: Managing Emotions and Cultivating Happiness

In the start of our workshop we will gather to share. Participants will have the opportunity to open up in a confidential, non-judgemental environment about whatever is going on in their lives. With the goal of fostering self-knowledge and personal growth, Victoria will root the dialogue in the yogic principles of compassion, introspection, non-harming, letting go, truthfulness, contentment, generosity, and self-discipline.

In the second part of each workshop we will practice yoga. Students will learn to strengthen their bodies, increase flexibility and play with balance and inversions, as well as have an opportunity to potentially physically work through things that might have come up in the first part of the class. These physical practices are awesome for managing stress, improving concentration, increasing self-confidence, and promoting health.

After our physical practice we will gather again for discussion on a specific topic relevant to youth (see above).

Throughout the whole workshop, rest assured, we will have lots of fun. We will listen to great music, play with rewarding yoga poses like handstand, and maintain a light hearted environment, infused with humor and love!

$45 Per Session

$122 for 3 Sessions (10% Savings)