Explore your edge. Transform your body. Fuel your soul.


Make a commitment to yourself this holiday and see the results.  A consistent yoga practice is a powerful tool to transform your body and quiet your mind. Come join us on the mat!

NEW MINI-MEMBERSHIP for 2019!!! Start your new years resolution by committing to one class per week. Just $64 for 4 classes per month plus 15% off drop in classes!

Ready to see big changes? If you take 2 or more classes per week, a monthly unlimited membership is the best value for you! Just $109 per month for UNLIMITED yoga classes. Through end of January, buy the NEW YOU PROMO monthly unlimited and get $30 off your first month!

*Valid for 30 days from date of first visit.



Drop-in  |  $22



Monthly Unlimited  |  $109

Annual Unlimited  |  $1159*

*Annual includes 3 guest class passes / year


5-Class Pack  |  $100

10-Class Pack  |  $180

20-Class Pack  |  $320

15% discount available for students/teachers/seniors (65+) with photo ID. In person registration required. Excludes Intro 3-class pack/Happy Hour/promos.

metta prayer handstands

Private Sessions and Gift Cards available.

Work-trade opportunities available.  Please email us for details.

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